Seaweed of Friendship

This leathery seaweed has been fashioned into a small pouch.

The outside, while in water feels gooey. If exposed to air, it becomes airtight and supple like oiled leather.

The inside, at all times, looks like and is still la living seaweed which produces 10 small dark blue magical "berries" at each sunrise. Any uneaten berries dies off and loose all its magical properties at the next sunrise.

Each berries enable the creature who ingests it to easily swim, navigate and breath underwater like it was born there. It will also be able to speak with any aquatic creature it meets and easily befriend them.

D&D 5th Edition Properties

For 24h, each berry gives to the creature that ingest it:

  • The ability to breath water as per the Water Breathing spell.
  • Freedom of movement underwater: being underwater imposes no penalties.
  • A swimming speed equal to its walking speed.
  • Initial contact with non-hostile water creatures is always positive.