Dagger of the Hunter

This gem incrusted dagger has an obviously high priced resale value.

D&D 5th Edition Properties

  • It adds +1 to hit and damage rolls made with it.
  • It has 5 charges.
  • At sundown, it recharges 1d6-1 charges.
  • Must be attuned to use the charges.
  • It gains 1 charge every time a small or larger creature dies within 50'. It can bring the total amount of charges above its maximum value, but the extra charges are lost at sunrise.
  • Spend 1 charge to cast Hunter's Mark at 1st level. Spend 1 additional charge for each level above 1st.
  • Spend 1 charge to teleport it directly into your hand if it's anywhere on the same plane of existence as you.
  • Spend 1 charge to gain advantage on Stealth checks.


  • If it's in anyone's possession, closer than 1' from their flesh, for more than 5 minutes, that person is attuned and cursed.
    • If more than one person fit that description, the closest one will be cursed.
  • Once a person is cursed, no other person can be cursed.
  • A cursed person will never want to be far from the dagger and certainly not give it away or sell it.
  • A cursed person will automatically want to kill the current Target of the dagger if they hear or see the person. It will feel totally normal to them to do so.
    • Upon hearing its name, the accursed will start planning a way to kill the Target.
    • Upon seeing it, the accursed will automatically try to kill the Target, not necessarily with the dagger.
  • If a Remove Curse is used on the accursed.
  • When the Target is killed (not just reduced to 0 HP), the curse is lifted.
  • While there are no Target set for the dagger, no one can be cursed.
  • To designate a Target, an attuned person must have knowledge of the creature it want to designate and spend 10 minutes concentrating on the person while mumbling death wishes.
    • This knowledge can be as simple as an object, like a piece of clothing the creature has worn once as long as it is the last person to wear it.
    • It can also be a piece of hair or any other body parts, including anything excreted.
  • Once a Target is set, it cannot be changed except with a Wish.