Blood Rust Sword


  • A notched and battered short sword
  • Appears thoroughly rusted
    • No amount polishing will get the rust out
    • Will never break

D&D 5th Edition Properties

  • Considered magical
  • On a hit, the target must make a saving throw against Tetanus (DC 12) or be poisoned.
    • The effect lasts, until healed, magically or not, by something that removes diseases or poison.
    • Rest has no effect.
    • If the save is made, the target is immune to Tetanus for 24h.
  • The wielder is immune to Tetanus
  • If the wielder cause itself damage with the sword (takes a reaction to do so, even with two weapons):
    • The weapon will cause an additional 1d12 necrotic damage on its next hit
    • The wielder will regain 1d4 HP on its next hit