Astar Pureblade


  • 1 handed, elven-made longsword
  • The hilt is a triple rising sun
  • The pommel is three glass beads fused together.
    • The biggest one is yellow
    • The middle one is red
    • The smallest one is white

D&D 5th Edition Properties

  • Doesn't have the versatile property
  • Gains the finesse property
  • +1 magical weapon
  • Add 1d4 radiant damage on all hits
  • Automatically casts Daylight on itself when unsheathed, except that the first 60' of light is bright piercing noon time daylight, the next 60' is normal light, the following 60' is dim light
  • Any undead who sees the light must make a Wisdom saving throw of DC 10 or be frightened
    • If the save is successful that undead is immune to that sword's effect for 24h
    • If frightened, the undead must flee at maximum speed until the blade is out of sight, no further save until is sees it again
      • If there is a direct unblocked path from the blade to the undead, it is considered as seeing the blade whatever its seeing capability
  • An attuned wearer can cast Protection from Evil and Good on him or herself once a day, no concentration or component required
  • An attuned wearer who is dedicated to the god Astar, can, for 1 charge, add 1d4 on melee attack rolls of one willing creature for 10 minutes if the wearer spend 2 rounds blessing the target
    • The sword hold 5 charges
    • At dawn, the sword regenerates 1d6 charges