Apprentice Potions

D&D 5th Edition Properties

10 gp each.

  • Joy. Gives the drinker 1d12+3 minutes of euphoria, followed by visual hallucinations for 1d12+3 minutes.
  • Thoughts Hearing. 2 turns after ingestion, the drinker starts hearing the thoughts of everyone inside 1 km, at the same time, without filter. Each turn, for 1d12+3 turns, that character must roll 1d20 and add its Intelligence bonus. The result is as follow:
    • 5 or less: Unconscious until the effects of the potion's effect ends. (No more save checks.)
    • 6-8: Paralyzed for 1 round.
    • 9-10: Stunned for 1 round.
    • 11-12: Incapacitated for 1 round.
    • 13-14: Disadvantage to Perception checks for 1 round.
    • 15-16: Can function "normally" for 1 round.
    • 17-18: Can hear the thoughts of one creature within 10' for 1 round.
    • 19-20: Can hear the thoughts of one creature within 50' for 1 round.
    • 21+: Can hear the thoughts of any creature within 50' until the potion's effect ends. 1 reaction to change focus on a different creature. (No more save checks.)
  • Big Ears. The drinker's ears elongate by six inches, like a rabbit, for 1d12+3 hours and it gains advantage on auditory perception check.
  • Multiple Dimension. During 1d12+3 turns at the beginning of its turn, the drinker is teleported 10' in the desired direction (can be different each turn). The potion's effect cannot be interrupted.
  • Muscles. Gives +2 to Strength to its drinker for 1d12+3 turns. 1d12+3 turns later, the drinker suffers one level of exhaustion.
  • Animal Speak. For 1d12+3 hours, the drinker gains the abilities of the Speak with Animals spell. It also lose the ability to speak in any other language. It must resort to animal sounds whenever it speaks during this timeframe.
  • Visibility. The drinker suffers the effects of the Faerie Fire spell (without the advantage on attack rolls) for 1d12+3 hours, but also cast dim light on a 20' radius.
  • Precautionary Healing. The drinker gains 1d12+3 temporary HP until its next rest.
  • Deenlarging. The drinker suffers the effects of the Reduce spell for 1d12+3 rounds. Everything around it suddenly becomes bigger.
  • Belching Fire. The same benefits of the Potion of Fire Breath. If a creature breathes fire using this potion, that creature must pass a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or take 1d12+3 fire damage, or half as much damage on a successful check.