Magic is an energy, called essence by researchers, that permeates everything in the universe and can only be perceived by those with the talent. Those who use it are referred to magic users.

Users mold essence into diverse effects commonly called spells.

Priests & Deities

The most devoted priestesses or priests often get granted special access to the essence without requiring any talent. This is called a gift, because it can and has been taken away by a patron goddess or god.

Through communion with their patron, priestesses and priests get an instinctive knowledge of how to mold essence into spells. Because of the instinctive nature of their knowledge, very little is known about the way their magic works.


Ever since the start of the War of the Deities magic users having been doing research into the fundamentals of magic. It is a complicated science which keeps evolving. It is taught in many schools and universities of magic.

Angelolgy & Idyllancy

These domains of research are still theoretical, because any protocol designed to test a theory unequivocally fails. It has been surmised that the superior minds of deities of Idyll are constantly interfering with research in a dynamic way since any fluctuation is met with immediate resistance.


  • Heptagon: It represents Idyll and its 7 levels.
  • Seven Pointed Star: It represents Hell and its 7 levels.
  • Four Pointed Star: It represents the four elements.
  • Heptagram: It is actually a seven pointed stars containing a smaller reversed heptagon. It represents the forces of Hell dominating the forces of Idyll and is used in demonology.
  • Reverse Heptagram: When the heptagon contains the seven pointed star, it represents the forces of Idyll dominating the forces of Hell. It is used in Angelolgy.
  • Triangle: It represents the shape of either Idyll or Hell and thus means that the magic user is trying to access either dimension.
  • Small Circle: It represents the point of access during the ritual. In idyllancy and necromancy, it's usually the "open" end, but it can be any level or plane.
  • Large Circle: It represents circular dominance, mostly used in elemancy. It is never used in association with Idyll or Hell since their dominance is not circular.