Idyll & Hell


This is the dimension where the goddesses and gods have retreated so that inhabitant of Ebberus could live in peace.

Levels & Residents

  1. The Plaza of Light
    • The 7 Steps of Judgment
    • The Gate of Eternity
  2. The Palace of Light
    • 1st Generation of Deities
  3. 2nd Generation of Deities
  4. 3rd Generation of Deities
  5. 4th Generation of Deities
  6. 5th Generation of Deities
  7. The Plain of Bliss
    • Where souls live their perfect life.

The Cup

Idyll is often represented by an open cone on its head, a triangle on its head or simply a "V". That sign is called "The Cup" or "The Sacred Mark".

That is why most religious ceremony will include a cup, even the simplest one.


Research seems to indicate that when angels, sent by the gods, travel to the prime plane they leave their soul behind to pass through the Gate of Eternity.

That would explain why they can only be on Ebberus for a short period of time or are weaker than when summoned. Also, it would explain their coldness, their lack of emotion or empathy.

Planar Shape

This is held as the most accurate spatial representation of Idyll and Hell in respect to the Prime Plane of existence, where Ebberus is located, if you removed the Prime Plane's third dimension.


Both Idyll and Hell are symmetrical and possess 7 levels.

The first level which is the direct connection to the Prime Plane is both infinitely large and infinitely small. Only souls can go through, but once there it seems vast.

A soul, once released from the first level automatically travels to last level, shooting through. Furthermore, research indicates that a soul needs to acquire power and thus a certain "density" to settle in a lower level amongst similarly dense souls in a permanent manner.

Magical Access

Most magical access to these planes are done through the wide open back, which explains the difficulty of the task.


This is the dimension where the fallen goddesses and gods have been imprisoned for eternity.

Levels & Residents

  1. Plaza of Pain
    • The Final Gate
    • Souls are tortured until broken
  2. The Dark Fortress
    • Empress of Hell
  3. High Lords of Hell
  4. Minor Lords of Hell
  5. Knights of Hell
  6. Soldiers of Hell
  7. The Plain of Torment
    • Souls fight amongst themselves, trying to acquire power so they can become demons.
    • The death of a soul here means its complete obliteration.

The Spike

Hell is often represented as a closed coned, a triangle or simply an inverted "V". That sign is called "The Spike" or "The Mark of Hell".

That's why most sacrificial dagger or knife is called a spike.


It is impossible for demons to exit Hell without outside help. Even then, it's on a temporary basis.

Permanent portals have been opened in the past and it has always led to a catastrophic global event called a Demon War.

The more powerful a portal the more powerful a demon going through can be.