Imperial Calendar

This is the most widely used and accepted calendar of Ebberus. First created by halflings it was later adapted to imperial use.

It indicates every event of the year, most of which a celebration of various deities. It also indicates the various moon phases. (See Astronomy for more details.)

The current year is the year 525 of the Imperial Era (IE), a leap year.


There are normally 16 months of 23 days each year, except for leap years. Every first day of the month is a Monthday which celebrates the deity after whom the month is named.


Every season is 4 months long and the year starts in winter on the solstice, except for leap years.

Leap Years

Every 7 years, there's an additional month of only one day. The month is dedicated to Ka so that every 7 years people will be reminded of her power and danger.

That day is always on the winter solstice.

Days of the Week

  1. Hellday (H) is considered a day dedicated to warding off evil spirits, demons and other forces of hell by working hard. Lying on this day is at least considered bad luck and at worst calling the attention of hell on your person.
  2. Silverday (S) is, to most, known as payday. It is usually the time when workers get paid. It is also said to be a counterbalance to Hellday since silver wards off evil.
  3. Votiveday (V) is the day to pray to the goddesses and gods for favors, often used to ask for a good Marketday. In larger settlements, market starts on this day.
  4. Marketday (M) is the official day for the market. The busiest business day.
  5. Graceday (G) is the day on which to offer the goddesses and gods your thanks, especially for Marketday. In larger settlements, market closes on this day.
  6. Familyday (F) is the day when one is most attentive to one's family and dedicate time to its betterment.
  7. Idyllday (I) is the day when everyone prays to their god. Often a day without work.
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