The Planet

The planet itself is called Ebberus, thus named by the goddesses and gods, and orbits the star system in 368 and 1/7 days.


It was created by Kaia.


The people of Ebberus gave different names to the following bodies, honoring different gods as they saw fit.

Star System

The planet Ebberus orbits a trinary star system composed of:

  1. A yellow star, called Astar, itself tightly orbited by a binary system composed of:
  2. A red dwarf, called Tiria, and
  3. A smaller white dwarf, called Alia.


Astar created these suns.


There are four moons orbiting Ebberus.

  1. The closest one is called Kron because it's cycle is of seven days.
  2. The second, called Asta, looks a little bigger than the first and cycle in 17 days.
  3. The third one, called Mu because it is almost unnoticeable due to its size and distance, cycles in 41 days.
  4. The fourth one, called Ka, is invisible, because its surface doesn't reflect any of the suns' light, and has a long and eccentric orbit of 78 days.


Asta created these moons to watch over Ebberus which she loved and always had a kind regard for.