The World of Ebberus


To adventurers and game masters, welcome to Ebberus! Enjoy your stay and enhance your campaigns. The content of this entire site is free for you to use personally.

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What is Ebberus?

The world of Ebberus is a fantasy world ready to be used with any RPG (role-playing game) system. It is populated by a basic mix of good old fashion fantasy races with humans being the most numerous one.

Here, you'll find plenty of magic, elves, dragons and that deities are real.

Is it safe?

Orcs, trolls and demons rarely make for a safe place to be, but...

It's pretty safe overall, as long as you make sure everyone involved is having fun. To do so, I've instigated two basic rules.

1) In this world, systemic sexism or sex-based discrimination doesn't exist. Therefore, game play shouldn't contain any such thing. Most NPCs are pansexual, few are strictly heterosexual even though family life is mostly heterosexual.

2) No hateful racism. Even though there are conflicts between races, (Ex.: dwarves and elves, as in many other fantasy world, do not see eye to eye.) let's keep the hate down. The fact is they are all equal in the eyes of the goddesses and gods.


Want to know how this world was born? How the magic works? Here are a few things that might interest you:

The Known World

What is referred to as the "Known World" is the part of Ebberus that is the most populous and most advanced. It is only the North-Western part of a continent, not the whole world.

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Dwarven Realms

Humanoid Realms

  • The Arena
  • The Delta of Ssavissiag
  • The Howling Territories
  • The Prairies of Gramirgrorr
  • The Savana of Sormihowr

Other Regions

Newest Developments!

Here's what's new on Ebberus, starting with the latest development:

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Here, eventually, you'll be able to buy premade adventure outlines. These will be rules agnostic, and each for 1$.


Yes, one thing I've always hated of premade adventure was the amount of stuff you had to read and remember. In the adventures I'm creating, I put just enough information to run it. It will give you lots of room to add your own flavor it without having to discard most of the material.


In each, I will reference potential maps you can buy from diverse sources to go along the adventure, giving you the ability to flexibly adjust the cost of the adventure to your wallet.

Modular Maps

In some, I will suggest several modular maps that might run up the cost of a single adventure, just know I will be reusing them in future adventure. Optionally, you could just buy the most useful one and build what you need from it or adjust the adventure to it. Or you could buy something else, or make them up yourself.

Running Campaigns


Tables for the role-playing game system: Adventure & Glory.