Golden Knight Inn

    • Owner & Cook: Botild[F]
    • Waitress & Daughter: Ealhswith[F]
    • Bouncer, Waiter & Son: Wictred[M]

Smith: Leofgeat[M]

Herbalist: Ailred[M]

Mayor & Miller: Wendreda[F]

Mage: Angeleisia[F]

  • Assisant: Wuldric[M]

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Golden Knight Inn

It can be a bit rough at time at this rustic "inn" being the only place to drink for several leagues, but the owner is a woman who doesn't tolerate foolishness. Her son is also always ready to break up fights, with his cudgels if he has to.

Lodgings are very rudimentary, guests sleep on the floor near the hearths or in the stable that doubles as a barn.

The latrines are by the stable.

Floor Plan

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