Inn: Traveler’s Luck

    • Owner: Efilda[F]
    • Cook, husband: Gladwin[M]
    • Helpers, children: Wynna[F15], Liwin[M14], Mildrith[F13]

Mayor: Ellani[F]

Smith: Bricheve[F]

    • Leatherworker, husband: Wardric[M]

The People

The inhabitants of this little hamlet are very friendly. Talk to anyone and you'll see.

Don't forget to stop at the Traveler's Luck.

Click the map for a full view. (Done with graphics by Gabriel Pickard.)

Traveler's Luck Inn

It might be the only inn in the village, but it's a good one.

Don't miss the chance of stopping there and chat with the owner, Efilda, who always has a big smile for the weary traveler.

Floor Plan

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