Deepvalley Keep

The Keep

This is a very simple keep, because its first lord wanted it this way.

Current Status

Its current lord won't allow a concentrated settlement such as villages near the keep to maximize the use and yield of the land. He only allows markets to be held in the yard of his keep and collects taxes as sellers come in.

No imperial troops are currently deployed to the keep, so the barracks are mostly empty. Its small garrisons are all personal retainers of the lord.

With limited resources, the lord keeps very few servants, minimal staff only.

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The Family

The Deepvalley family has been established here for 5 generations and is doing well.

Blaecman, Lord, 54

Greedy and snobbish, he prays to Mira for wealth and prosperity, feeling cheated in this apparently valueless territory.

He is envious of other lords, especially Smallcoin and sees all peasants as simple and barely useful.

He is unwilling to have his female first born as his heir. Although he's saying she's too weak, it's because she reminds him too much of his first wife, which he didn't like.

His first two marriages were about money. The third was for lust.

Tidhild, Wife, 21

She is the lord's third wife. Already quiet before her present pregnancy, she is doubly so now, feeling unaccepted.

Aethelind, Daughter, 25

Intelligent and observant, she learns all she can about being responsible for the land while not seeming to.

She loves her brother, but she despises her father. She never forgave him for abandoning her mother.

Blaecman, Son, 22, Heir

Knowing very well that her sister was passed over as an heir, he tries very hard to be the best lord he can, not wanting to add insult to injury.

Methodical and thoughtful, he always tries to see all points of view, keeping his mind open about the needs of the land and the people.

Ethelred, Son, 12

When his mother died, he went into mourning and never stopped. Sad, he looks almost lifeless to most people.

Alhwald, Son, 9

Too young to remember his mother, he likes his new one and is very happy. Although he can be incredibly serious and perceptive at times for a boy his age, he nonetheless seems to be the most well-adjusted member of this family.

The Councillors

Waldhere, Captain, M49

Rigid, loyal and suspicious of all strangers, in his mind, his time is over with the Deepvalley family, but it's not so.

The only thing he still appreciates in life is going back to his wife at the end of the day, always waiting for him with a big smile and read quietly into the night.

Athilda, Lieutenant, F27

She is his loyal second, but sometime wishes he would be more active and let her do more to fight bandits and the like.

Herewynn, Chamberlain, F57

She manages the estate day to day, including the keep and the finance. Kind and patient, she contrasts sharply with the current lord. Having been trained by his father, she has learned to keep out of his way, stay discreet and do the best she can.

Wihtgils, Priest, M41

As a notable priest of Alia, goddess of light and day, he didn't land in Deepvalley by chance. He was sent by the Duchess of Longval, to report and keep an eye on this lord.

He is a good man, highly devoted to his goddess and he believes very much in doing good and what's right. However, he is a man with political skills and will always try to keep a balance between every side of a discussion.