The Theocracy of Karakos


The theocracy was founded by Karakos, a man who claimed to have all the gods talk to him in his dreams. He founded the Seventy-Seven, preaching that all creatures should pray to all the gods and not only those of their choosing.

Eventually, he gained so much power that he brought under his control the various people living in the region or conquered them. The founder was wise enough not to expand too much, but his successors, armed with feverish zeal, tried to do more.

They first easily annexed Les Iles Flamboyantes. Then they tried to annex the southernmost nations of the Plain of Horses. After some early successes, they eventually met the full brunt of the Horse People having finally united to face this threat. Karakos had to retreat.

Frustrated by this, they turned to what they thought was an easier target, The County, thinking that the halflings would buckle rapidly. However, the Issiladian elves sided quickly with the little people and the conflict degenerated in a full-fledged war. Unable to face the might of the elves, Karakos once more retreated.

At a much later date, a particularly greedy Karakos decided to try and plunder the dwarven mountains. The crushing defeat weakened the theocracy to the point that they could no longer control Les Iles Flamboyantes.

No Karakos ever tried conquest again and kept his throne.


This is a very controlled society where piety is second to nothing. The priesthood of the Seventy-Seven controls everything and its highest priest referred to as "The Karakos" (and bores no other name once he accesses to the throne), control the priesthood.

There have been some mutiny, and some Karakos have been brought down by the high clergy. However, it is something hidden and it has officially never happened, although Empire written books do mention the most recent coups due to intelligence gathering.


Karakian is the only accepted language in the theocracy for those born within its borders.


Their names sound like ancient greek names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG or FNG.