The Queendom of Xian


This society might not be as rigid as Karakos, but it is very traditionalists. Social conduct is exacting and its bureaucracy the heaviest in existence.


Xianese is the only language spoken by its inhabitants, mostly because of traditional purity.


Their names sound like Chinese names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.


Political acumen, intelligence, discretion and empathy are viewed as extremely important, especially in the view that they are the best tools for one's social advancement.

Political and social mobility is considered primordial for a smoothly working society. Here, titles are easily given or stripped. Legal channels have been created especially for those.


Fashion is very important to every high born Xianese as well as the middle class. The poorer classes see it in a more traditional way. They see it as a duty to wear the proper outfit for the task at hand and their status.