The Principalities of Belambre


Settled originally by sea-fearing people it got conquered by Xian, Karakos and The Empire, before it finally won its independence.


Although many different people live on the islands, there are two dominant races:

  • Illenians which are the direct descendants of the sea fearers.
  • Belambrians which are very diverse mix of Illenians, Karakians, Xianeses and Threchians.


Ruled by a council of prince merchants, it is the land of traders and pirates.


Belambrian is the main language of the isles, but all other languages are spoken here as trade flourishes.

A more minor language is the tribal language of Illenians. It is still taught and spoken proudly, but less and less.


Their names sound like French names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.