The Land of Mizu


This land is a strange one, by anyone's standard. The women are sedentary, the men, nomadic. One owns the land, the other the wisdom.


Mizuan is widely spoken with various dialects scattered over the land.


Their names sound like old Japanese names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.


Traditionally, houses and other buildings have always been dug from hills with the walls sealed with stones and concrete. More recently, due the interest in the certain region where hills are mostly rock instead of earthy, some have started choosing carve their habitation out of a rock hill.


The idea of family in Mizu is exclusively feminine. Men aren't part of family. There is no notion of paternity. Once a male child reaches the age of 14, he begins his life on the road.


They own everything there is to own. They raise children, run businesses and administer the country.

Very few women choose the nomadic way of life, it's considered odd and backward.

A woman will always listen to the advice of a man and often seek them as advisors because they are considered guardians of wisdom. However, a man will not advise a woman without being asked. It's considered rude to the extreme, although some have been known to tease with hidden advice, which is a form humor for them. That being said, it just doesn't cross a Mizu man's mind to try to force his ideas on a woman.


Own very little, but what they can carry in a bag. In Mizu, men don't have to pay for anything, but they do have to ask, politely, or else it's considered stealing.

They travel from place to place, staying only one season, then moving on. They are required to work for the woman where they are staying, contributing to her profit. If he doesn't it's considered stealing. If the hostess doesn't ask for help, it's considered slavery.

On the Road

Men usually travel in little groups of 2 to 5, maybe with one or two young men.

Walking and Running

Mizu nomads are the greatest walker and runners. They can run for up to a 20 leagues in a row. Their endurance is phenomenal.


Most nomads are part of a retreat temple where meditation, empathy and wisdom are taught. Usually, a nomad will stop once a year for a month or a season at a temple for contemplation and teachings.

These temples are all run by former female nomads.