The Horse Federation


When Karakos tried to invade and annex the southernmost nations, a great council was convened of all the clan leaders. They saw no alternative, but to unite politically and offer and single unified front to the Karakian armies.


The federation is an alliance of the different nations of the Horse People living in the vast expense of what is known as the Horse Plain.

A bit rustic, they used to be nomadic but now live in clusters of stone houses. They are a serious people in general and cold to the outsiders.

Nations and Clans

On the plains exist a variety of nations, each with its own culture and language. In each nation there are several clans. Ancestrally, there was only clan leaders and no nation leaders, but with the creation of the federation, there was a need for such a position so that each of them could be the voice of its nation and see to its needs.


The language of commerce on the plain started as something very simple, a mix and match of words from different nations. Over time it evolved into something referred to as the common tongue which has a written form. Aquilian in that tongue means "common" and thus often the name it's given by outsiders. By extension it is also the name given to the horse people at large.


Their names sound like Inuit names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.


Frivolity, laughter and songs are considered childish things. The only songs that adults will sing are war chants and funeral dirges.

Thinking before acting, being mindful of others and nature, courage and respect for the clan are paramount to them.