The Empire of Threch

The Empire

This nation is often referred to simply as "The Empire". It is the largest and most likely the most powerful.


This is a human empire, but there are several other indigenous races:

  • The Landless (semi nomadic human race)
  • The Miriann (humanoid cat)
  • The Dural (humanoid dog)


The language of commerce in the empire is Threchian, often referred to as the "imperial" language.


Their names sound like old Anglo-Saxon names. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.


Threchians are known by their dignified self-control, steadiness, perseverance and logic. They also place great value in the respect for their elders, particularly the head of the family, male or female. The head of the family has complete judicial control over its members, but also has the legal obligation to educate and help each member flourish.


Anyone can marry into another family. Such a person, male or female, will then be subject to the rule of the head of his/her new family, unless stated otherwise in the contract. People have been known to marry into another family, just to get away from a parent.

It is also possible, if a couple chooses too, to marry independently and form a new family. Usually, that would mean a loss of inheritance, but not always.


Upon a union it is traditional that the richest of the two families make a gift to the member of the union from the "poorer" family. There have been numerous legal battles over the prestige of being the one to give that gift.


Official separation doesn't require any legal paperwork and is in effect the moment one of the partners declares her or his will to live apart. It does, however, require one or more witness willing to testify.


The children of a male or female concubine, a person living with another without a lawful union, do not have any inheritance rights, but are protected by the empire.


Threchians have an obsession with recording everything. Even though their bureaucracy is rather light compared to other states, they produce an enormous number of documents. More over, each of those are the property of the empire. Tempering with any document is a capital offense.

The Territories

The empire is a large and is often, officially or not, divided into several territories:


Here are the noble titles in the Empire from the most important to the least important:

  1. Empress / Emperor
  2. Princess / Prince
  3. Queen / King
  4. Grand Duchess / Grand Duke
  5. Duchess / Duke
  6. Marquise / Marquis
  7. Countess / Count
  8. Baroness / Baron
  9. Lady / Lord
  10. Knight

Heraldic Shields