Since they can take the physiology of any humanoid of their relative size, they have no physical traits per se, they simply have those they have adopted last.


Mimicry ability is magical, but the change isn't. That means that if they die in a form their remains will conserve that form.


As the Inginiae age, it's ability will become better and better until it can even copy the mind of its target.

True Sight

Somebody with true sight is somebody who can see the true form of somebody even if they are polymorphed or altered. If such a person looks at an Ingeniae, the Ingeniae will appear blurred, as if the viewer couldn't focus correctly, but they will not see another form.


While in any given form, they can reproduce identically as that form can. The only difference is that if they are in a female form, or a form that produces the egg that need to be fertilized, the offspring will be an Ingeniae.

An Ingeniae offspring will have the same form as the parents, and until it can be taught to transform, it will stay in this birth form without knowing it is any different.


Created as a demon weapon during The First War, its creators soon lost control of them. Having infiltrated the other side, some of them decided to make the change permanent, the rest simply took it as an opportunity to be free.

Since then, nobody knows what or where they are.


They have no society. Being able to tell one another on sight. They avoid their kind as much as possible.

Code of Conduct

The only thing known about them is that they have a code of conduct they follow pretty rigidly, but its exact content is unknown.

  1. Never betray another Ingeniae.
  2. Keep your freedom.
  3. Respect your current contract.
  4. Never take more than one contract at a time.


Most of them will choose one of these paths (from the most likely to the least likely):

  1. Freedom. They will use their ability to live an easy life, avoiding trouble and working as little as possible.
  2. Power. They will use their ability to put themselves in a place of power and manipulate people for their own gain.
  3. Contract. They will hire out their ability, looking for challenges and novelty.
  4. Knowledge. They will use their ability to seek out knowledge, seeing it as the truest form of power.
  5. Exploring. They will use their ability to go where things seem interesting, investigating, looting, discovering.
  6. Mischief. They will use their ability to cause trouble. The scale of it will vary from one individual to another.