Essillias have had a bad reputation since they allied themselves with the Skargian Empire. The fact that they were key to the destruction of that empire failed to completely erased their reputation as harpies.


If you're looking for a Essilias name, you might want to check out this website: FNG (use the first name only).


After their coup, decimated and vulnerable, they retreated from the world into small isolated communities high in the mountains with a single queendom left.


Simplicity to them is paramount. If you live a simple life, you will not be prone to want power which, in their mind's eye, can only lead to your downfall.

Clear judgment comes next, because whatever mistakes you make, with clear judgment, you can always rectify the situation. That means, taking time to think things through. There are no Essillia hotheads.

Deliberate action. If you do something, make it clear and deliberate so others will not wrongly interpret or be surprised.


Being an all-female race, they need other male humanoids to reproduce. Their favorite association is with humans.

Some Essillias will travel the world looking for a mate. Some will take one of the few traders or curious adventurers coming through. Others will pay for a partner.

In the queendom of High Reaches, once a year, the whole first week of Eris, the queen organizes a huge festival where all male humans are welcomed and treated to delicacies with love, respect, yearning and lust.