During The Age of Rapture, the deities had trouble communicating with their newest creations because the feeble mind of these beings were kept almost in a constant state of awe in their presence. So, they delegated the task to dragons.

Dragons, being fairly unimpressed by these tiny things became quickly bored or annoyed at the task and create in turn, the drathans as their envoy and assistants.

After The First War, the goddesses and gods having retired from the prime plane, the dragons felt disinclined to even bother with mortals, distancing themselves radically from the rest of the world, most going as far as sending away their followers.

All of a sudden, drathans were left without purpose, adrift after so many centuries of service. However, within a few decades, from the oldest came a renewed sense of duty. They would watch over the world, watch for any sign of wrongful demonic activities.


Drathans have both a mortal shape and a dragon shape of similar size and they can change at-will between them without effort, their clothes and equipment changing along with them.

When in dragon form, they have a powerful breath weapon as their creators do.

A drathans without the gift to use magic is a rare thing and is often considered an unlucky offspring, sometimes accursed, hapless, a burden, a shame, or the very least an unfortunate individual. To such a person, others will often be condescending by reflex without meaning to be rude or impolite.


A drathan has one specific mortal form and one specific dragon form. At birth, the parent giving delivering the baby decides which form the offspring will be born to.


The dragon form never varies, but the mortal form will not be set before age 14, maturity. Before that maturity, it is almost impossible for a drathan to fully control what is mortal from will look like when change back from the dragon form. Which is why most modern parent will choose their child to be born in its mortal form and never teach it how to change before maturity.

The mortal form of most drathan is human, 1/40 will be elven, 1/100 will be dwarven, 1/1000 will be halfling or fairy. The last two are very rare because it takes a very small drathan to achieve this.

Orcs & Goblins

On extremely rare occasions, either by a rogue element or a selected infiltrator, the mature mortal form will be an orc or a goblin. Once set, at age 14, this is irreversible, hence the rarity.


Per se, there isn't much of a society. They are spread out throughout the world, watching, accumulating knowledge, completely blended in their chosen society.

Draconic Gatherings

Once in a while a member will call a gathering. It might be local, general, or for a specific group of drathans.

Most of the time, it's simply to share information and see how things are. At times, it might be urgent, because of demonic activities.

A few will be social, but not that many. Over the eons years, they have developed into a pretty solitary lifestyle.

Genders & Reproduction

Drathans have three distinct genders, male and female, mammal style, and neutral, draconic style. This was decided at their creation. It was thought that sharing a reproduction cycle with mortals might make them better messengers.

Neutral gender drathans lay eggs, as dragons, but any gender may quicken the egg. Non-neutral drathans reproduce as mammals do with a male impregnating the female. Both, neutral and female drathans can give birth to all three genders.

Neutral Physiology

A neutral gendered drathan will outwardly look like man with finer facial traits and thinner body shape, but its sex will look somewhat like a female's, at least at first glance, but not in function.


Future parents usually meet at a draconic gathering, since there are very few other occasions for drathans to meet. Sometimes, the first exchange look like a business meeting until the deal is sealed. At others, it can be a long courtship. Sometimes, it's passionate and very involved.

Although parents of a newborn do consider themselves a family unit, they never stay together, to a rare few exceptions, since they both usually have commitments in distant parts.

In the case of an egg, either parent can decide to watch over it and raise the child. In the case of a mammal reproduction, the female raises the child alone.

Most of the time the "absent" parent will come and visit from time to time, bringing gifts and knowledge to the child.

Watching Over the World

Most drathans see it as an unspoken duty, calling it "The Watch". Even though some will avoid it like the plague, very few will shirk this duty if confronted and none have ever openly defied it.


In drathan society various councils exists and they all have autonomy. They are formed by individuals with the same inclination in a very informal manner and take on this duty as they see fit.

Even though there are a few Oversight Councils and a Central Elder Council, they have no real authority, because autonomy is prized commodity.

Autonomy & Congress

Both are seen primordial values and often come into conflict, usually, within reason, congress does take precedent.


The drathan elders are considered an invaluable resource. These are often retired members of the community, The Watch being considered a "young" drathan occupation. Except for the Central Elder Council they keep out of most gathering, seeing such interest as "meddling".

The reason for this attitude is that with time, most drathans come to prefer knowledge to The Watch.

Hiding in Plain Sight

With the eons of The Watch, the drathans have become very adept at living a double life and hiding in plain sight. However, this has led them to be very secretive.

More over, constantly living in their mortal form, their draconic form has become a great secret that they desperately want to keep hidden. Plus, having been absent in such a way from public knowledge, the appearance of a drathan in draconic form now often creates fear or mistrust and further reinforce their compulsion to keep it secret.


  1. Whatever a drathan decides to do The Watch or not, if he or she betrays it, his or her life is forfeit.
  2. Revealing one's draconic form to non-drathan or non-dragon is heavily frowned up and might be sanctioned.
  3. Revealing another drathan's draconic identity is something that will definitely be punished.

Beyond that, drathans follow very few rules.