These humanoid goats are rather small, 1m20 to 1m30, and tough with a undulating coat that can be brown, white or black, slightly curved horns and cloven hoofed feet.


Attentive, caring, dedicated and dependable, they tend to be quiet, slightly contemplative and peaceful.


They see goats as a creature to protect cherish and not necessarily related to them. They find them a bit dumb, hapless and helpless. Due to their physical similarities, they have developed a sense of guardianship.


They speak what is known as Treoky. It is difficult for other races to speak, except for Taureans.


If you're looking for a Treoc name, which are very ceremonial sounding, you might want to check out this website: FNG.


Long ago, before The First War, living in the mountains as the Dwarves do, they quickly found themselves exchanging and trading with them. Their compatibility led to an alliance which eventually evolved into a co-dependence.

The Treocs cultivate various plants and raise goats, in exchange, the Dwarves protect them and don't eat or kill goats.


Each valley protected by Dwarves has a clan of Treocs living in it. The clan is headed by a council of elders and all decision are taken for the good of the community.



Being mostly peaceful, they value their community above all else. Exile is considered the worst sentence that can be inflicted on a Treoc. They will strive to maintain unity, but not at all cost and not through uniformity.


They consider work as their duty to the deities, that through work their body is sanctified.


As for their mind, they see quiet contemplation as sanctity. A Treoc needs regular silence for her or him to maintain a good mental balance.