These humanoid bulls are very tall, 2m to 2m10, strong and extremely tough, with brown, white, or black coat, huge horns and hoofed feet. The exact angle and curve of the horns depend on their ancestry.


Stubborn, rash, aggressive they have learned to listen to reason, but they tend to be a bit unpredictable.

Aurochs, Bulls & Cows

They see aurochs, bulls and cows as unsettling. They choose to completely ignore them, fearing any association with what they see as such a dumb animal.


They speak what is known as Taurese. It is difficult for other races to speak, except for Treocs.


Just prior to The First War, they were completely enslaved by the orcs and forced to fight on their side during the following conflict. They won their freedom at the end, but never forgot it, holding a deep hatred for them.

Their society now revolves around building war bands to raid orc territories.


Their names are rather harsh sounding. For some ideas, you can consult the following site: FNG.


There are very few of them, some roaming the world, with only a single country to call their own, The Arena. They call it that because only the strong survive there.

The Bull King

He is the ruler of The Arena. He rules by right of might. Anyone can challenge him during the harvest, the month of Ila, and only then. The crowd decides the faith of the looser in a challenge, death or nobility.


Nobles are war-band leaders and have absolute power over their lands and warriors. Only the Bull King has higher authority.


Justice is served in an actual arena, there's one in every village ranging from a simple sand pit to the grand stone stadium in the capital. There winner is right and the loser must forfeit his claim, sometimes his life. There is no referee, no judge, only the crowd.



Although it is something that few understand, they value justice above all else. They see the orcs' enslavement of their race as the greatest injustice and will forever seek justice for all.


For them, the right way to administer justice, is through might. That's how they survived, that's how they got their freedom, so that's how the world should work.

D&D 5th Edition Racial Traits

Use minotaur racial traits.