They look a lot like wingless giant humanoid vultures.


Although they have both male and female gender, they can't be easily differentiated by outsiders, those differences being too subtle.


The female can produce only a single egg every five years. In their early years, mating season meant incredible displays and confrontations too often resulting in death. Being too risky behavior for their kind, they quickly institutionalized more refined ways to chose mates, that look a lot like bargaining to other societies.


If you're looking for a Skargian name, you might want to check out this website: FNG.


Skargians were the first to build an empire. Just a few centuries after The First War, they made a pact with a few other races, their chief allies being the Essillias which they called affectionately harpies, meaning little sisters. They also included Vulfens, Taureans and even remnants of the armies of the fallen deities: goblins, orcs, trolls and a few cyclops. Wisely, they never attacked the elves or the dwarves and were unopposed in their conquest.

Their downfall came from abusing their relationship with the Essilias, making them do worse and worse deeds until one day they plotted the overthrow of the Skargians.


Now, there are few of them scattered around the world, living in small communities where they terrorize their servant and pay their allies handsomely.

Very intelligent, inventive and powerful mages, they are still feared, but also often used as, mostly temporary, partners or councilors.


They value power and knowledge above all.