Averaging 1m30, these humanoid cats are extremely agile and quick with acute senses. They purr when happy or affectionate, hiss when irritated and howl when in pain, surprised or angry.


Their fur color can vary greatly from earthy browns and flaming oranges to white, gray and black, often reflecting their parents in terms of shade and pattern.


Calm, independent, a bit snobby, a bit selfish, they tend to always try to see what's in it for them. If it's in their interests, they can be enthusiastic about things, if not, they can be cold and distant.


They view cats at their relative, unimportant ones, but much preferable to most other random company.

They will "talk" to them when the meet a cat, or shoo it away if they are occupied. If bored or in need of some company, they will pet cats and groom them, in an almost unconscious manner.


They speak what is known as Miranese. It is difficult for other races to speak, except for other feline humanoids, and few can understand it who do not have high sense acuity.


If you're looking for a Miriann name, you might want to check out this website: FNG.


Even though they do not have a nation to call their own, and never have, preferring to live independently, they do have a societal behavior when mixing.

Living mostly in The Empire of Threch, they have only a few very small enclaves in the biggest cities, preferring to live their own lives. Most of them do not have a fixed home, moving from place to another, doing work that is flexible.

They recognize few authorities, especially within their own community. They respect dominance and territoriality.



This is their most important value. They hold it above all else. They want to be different and be their own master. They will be part of groups at need and even for long periods of time, but always keeping their own counsel. It also means that family isn't their strongest suit.


They see curiosity as the spark of intelligence. It has landed many of them in trouble, more time than it is possible to count, but still, they think life is boring without it.


They see spontaneity as the most important drive of curiosity, or is it the other way around? No matter, it's something they value. It is their biggest source of fun and distraction.


To them, everything is an adventure. Life is an adventure and wouldn't be worth living with adventure. Is it their curiosity or spontaneity that led them to love adventure or the other way around? They can't say either and they don't really care.

D&D 5th Edition Racial Traits

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