These half-orc or half-goblin began to appear in The First War. Mina, goddess of mercy, took take care of them, with Arka, goddess of combat and prowess, and her daughter Akra, goddess of warfare and tactics, to teach them the secrets of fighting. They called themselves the Arkraïds in thanks, but other races simply call them The Brutes.


Tall, about 2m, and heavily muscled they look like orcs or goblins to those who have never them, but their features are much softer, their skin is usually a pale grey, but some can have a pale green or a shade in between.


Extremely disciplined, brutally efficient in combat, they often see the world in black and white. Nuances are not their strong suit.

Most of them would rather be told what to do by someone they trust rather than having to make a decision on their own. The most intelligent of them make strong leader and easily amass very loyal followers.


They speak what is known as Arkese. It is very similar to orcish and goblinish, being a mix of both.


If you're looking for an Arkraïd name, you might want to check out this website: FNG.


They have a very militarized society. Every citizen is considered a soldier, and every leader an officer.



This is their most valued principle. This is what initially set them apart from their orcish and goblish ancestors and what made them be appreciated then respected by the generals of the other races.

That's why this is sacrosanct to them. To an Arkraïd, a disciplined mind in a disciplined body is the embodiment of health.


They can be loyal to a fault, especially the dullest individuals. In that way, they can be a little stubborn.


Not only are they efficient fighter, they are efficient at everything they do. They learn to do it right, do it fast, do it well. They are astute student and will always strive to do their best.


To them, respect doesn't only need to be earned, but also to be given. They will respect the fallen, give mercy whenever possible and treat their prisoners with decency.

It is difficult to earn their respect, but it is easy for them to respect others. During The First War, they had to earn with difficulty the respect of other races, so they know its value, and they know that everyone deserves a modicum of it.

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