Halflings, Tall Ones


The Tall Ones, as other halflings are wont to call them, came into being during The First War as a distinct group or sub-race.

For most of the first part of The First War, halflings were mostly limited to administrative duties and scouting, being expert at both these task. However, a number of them were starting to make a name for themselves with their surprising strength, toughness, courage and combat skills.

As the war progressed them came together and formed shock troops and special units. Slowly their numbers and reputation grew, often getting regular units out of tough spots, being highly decorated.

When the war came to an end, these special soldiers settled together and formed a distinct society of halflings.

In their story, they often claim mixed elven blood, although no elvish sources mention such and no real proof exists.


They are about 10cm taller than their cousins, but beyond that, even though they are stronger and tougher, they are pretty much alike physically.


Boisterous, curious, always with a ready laugh, they won't try to convince of something, they'll just do it whether or not you join them.

Hard fighters, quick thinkers, they can be surprisingly stealthy. It surprises people because you usually know when a Tall One just entered a tavern, but they are still halflings at their core.


Although they quickly left military life behind them, they never forgot it, their society still bears its print.


The person in charge of a village or city is called a captain and has absolute control over it.

Council of Captains

The Council of Captains usually convenes once a year, more often in times of need. That is where major decisions are taken, but it's also a good excuse to have a drink.


When needed, they'll elect a general to lead them.


Tall Ones, still mostly work by committees, but their influence is limited to advising The Captains and The Council.


Those differ a lot from your average halfling.

Courage. When it comes to facing long odds or fighting desperate situations, Tall Ones flirt with foolhardiness. They also tend to laugh loudly when the situation turn against them in battle, digging in and making certain the enemy will pay dearly.

Perseverance. To a Tall One, there is no mountain too big. If there's a good reason to climb it, they will, no matter what. If not, a good beer is more likely.

Altruism. "Here, let me give you a hand" is one of the most common sentences a Tall One will use with a stranger. They're always ready to lend a hand, if not, they're drinking a beer waiting for an occasion to.

Readiness. Although they make a lot of fuss about drinking beer, every Tall Ones is usually at the ready to fight at a moment's notice. Being part of the militia is mandatory.


Other races might call it militia, they call it being ready. It's a natural thing for them to do. Rigorous training is held every Idyllday and competitions every Monthday.


Their army is like non-other. Based on common sense and doing what needs to be done, few tasks are beyond its capabilities.

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