Vaos ♂, the Great Golden Seer

Obsessed with profits this merchant is ready to sell everything he knows, including scrolls of many spells.

By other merchants in the Great Mercantile Guild of Mirage, he is called the Inscrutable. Many fear him, the others give him a wide berth, unless he promises them profits which he always delivers.

His magic-using peers on the other hand, mostly just distrusted him or downright loath him. The Great Mage Council has even sanctioned him on a number of occasion for dubious and sometimes fraudulent behavior.



Level 1 spells

Level 2 spells

Level 3 spells

Level 4 spells

Level 5 spells

Level 6 spells

  • True Seeing (Divination)
  • Programmed Illusion (Illusion)
  • Guards and Wards (Abjuration)
  • Unveil